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Who is Eligible for Marines Tuition Assistance?

All active duty Marines, including selected Marine Corps Reserve enlisted Marines who are on continuous active duty, are eligible to receive Tuition Assistance. Officers who agree to stay on active duty for two years after completing coursework are allowed to use Tuition Assistance.

Unlike the other armed forces, the Marine Corps attempts to remove money as an enlistment incentive. There are no sign-on bonuses, or college repayment programs as is featured in the Army and Navy. There is the quick ship bonus, which offers a money incentive to ship out during certain times of the year, but no repayment program for graduates. This is perhaps one of the reasons the average Marine is much younger than the average Soldier or sailor.

Like the other branches of service, the Marine Corps does feature the Montgomery GI Bill. Since Marines are often aboard a ship or overseas, active duty personnel can participate in what is called the Marines Deployed Education Program. This offers free tuition to courses offered aboard ship or in foreign port, and these credits are certified and redeemable at most universities. They are taught by genuine college professors. On the other hand, these courses are often considered very fast and are completed with much more hustle that a semester-long college course. Marines are expected to absorb knowledge instantly and on first utterance.

While on ship, Marines can experience free courses typically offered by the Navy. Another benefit is the Marine Corp College Fund, which ties to the GI Bill after four years of active duty service. In addition to all this, activities performed during active duty can qualify you for college credits. All said, service in the Marines provides tuition assistance competitive with the other branches.

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