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Navy Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance is available to both Naval Officer and Enlisted active duty personnel. This is available to enlisted Reservists who have been ordered to take active duty for 120 days and to Reservist Officers who have ordered active duty for 2 years or more. In order to qualify for Tuition Assistance one must be on active duty for the entire length of the course they are taking. They must attend an institution that is accredited by national, regional, or professional accrediting agencies that are recognized by the Department of Education. Another requirement is to receive counseling from a Navy College Office. 

Tuition Assistance covers tuition and any fees that are necessary for enrollment. To qualify, those fees must be directly required, published, mandatory, and charged for enrollment in courses. In addition to this, the Tuition Assistance program has been expanded to offer coverage of Distance Education courses that are longer than 24 weeks. Tuition Assistance, however, cannot be used to pay for books or flight training.

It is important to note that any officer who takes Tuition Assistance will be required to serve for an additional 2 years. If they leave the Navy before the two years, they will need to pay back the money they were given. This is also the case with anyone who does not pass his or her courses. Students who receive an incomplete (I) or failing (F) grade on any courses will be required to pay back all funds that they received from the Navy Tuition Assistance Program for those classes.

Apply for Tuition Assistance through WebTA here.

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