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How to Request Marines Tuition Assistance?

The Application process for Marine Tuition Assistance is not as difficult as it may seem. First time students are required to complete a Tuition Assistance Orientation class before taking advantage of the assistance program. Any Marines that are at non-Marine Corps installations can access this online, whereas any Marines at official sites can proceed to their local base's office for assistance. Form NETPDTC 1560 needs to be completed prior to enrollment.

You must submit a degree plan prior to exceeding 12 semester hours. Tuition Assistance will not help you with your books, but can be used for vocational degrees and certifications. Tuition Assistance will cover 100% of Tuition and Fees, but is not to exceeds $250.00 per semester credit hour. This includes $166.00 per quarter credit hour, and has a limit of $4500.00 per fiscal year.

Some notable strings attached are that Tuition Assistance will not cover credits that go toward a low level or lateral degree (such as a second Associates or Bachelors Degree). In addition, you must stay in the military for two years after the completion of any course in which you receive Tuition Assistance. This can be a great program if you know what you are getting into prior to applying for it. There are some big benefits to having a degree. Having more credentials puts you in a better position of advancement both in your military career and once you are ready to return to civilian life.

Tuition Assistance (TA) is applied through WebTA, accessed here (Login required).

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