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How Do I Apply for Air Force Tuition Assistance Benefits?

The Air Force's Tuition Assistance Program was put in place to help those in the Air Force or leaving the Air Force further pursue their careers beyond the military, and the modern application process takes place entirely online. To start, you'll need to go to the official Air Force Virtual Education Center. From there, just follow these steps:

  • Select Your Reason for Request
    The Air Force wants to know why and how you plan to use the Tuition Assistance Program to further your off-duty education. Select one of the reasons available.
  • Select Your School
    You need to attend a school with regional, national or professional accreditation, so you'll likely find all of the schools that TA will cover listed on the form.
  • Enter Term Dates
    Let them know when you're starting your term and when you're ending it. This will ensure that your education doesn't contradict with any military obligations.
  • Enter Your Course Information
    You can either select from the items listed on the form, or you can manually enter your course information. Make sure to include all of your courses before moving on.
  • Enter the Registration Fees
    Simply select the registration fees from the drop down list provided.
  • Verify and Submit
    Go over your whole form and make sure that every single detail is correct. One missed detail can have you going through a tedious waiting period before you're allowed to try again.

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