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Coast Guard Tuition Assistance

If you are interested in applying for help to further your education, the Coast Guard has a Tuition Assistance program that can help you pay for courses at a college or other institution of higher learning. Before you apply, you should know the Coast Guard Tuition Assistance Guidelines.

In order to receive up to 100% of the cost of tuition, you must be eligible to apply. Active personnel, those in the Coast Guard Reserve, civilian USCG employees and commissioned Public Health Service officers are all eligible to apply for financial assistance. You may receive assistance if you attend a traditional college or university or if you choose to pursue a degree from a remote location through on-line learning. All institutions must be full accredited by a recognized accrediting organization.

The Coast Guard will pay up to $4,500 per year toward your tuition. They will pay in addition to any other assistance you may receive from other grants, scholarships or student loans. The USCG program is not a loan that must be paid back, but a grant or benefit for your involvement with the Coast Guard. You do not have to pay any money back that you may receive from this government program. It differs from educational funding such as the GI Bill, because the money is paid directly to the school rather than to you.

Certain expenses, which may be allowed under other types of financial aid, are not allowed under the Coast Guard program. Application fees, student activity fees, course registration fees, textbooks and computers are a few of the expenses not covered.

Coast Guard Tuition Assistance is available to Active Duty who are E-6 or below at the beginning of the academic course. TA is available for Undergraduate courses only, and limited to six credit hours per fiscal quarter per member. The limit of six credit hours applies to course start dates. Tuition Assistance is not available for Reservists in a drilling status. Tuition Assistance is available for Reservists on long-term ADOS or EAD that meet the rest of the criteria.

Most of the Coast Guard is now using the Navy's Internet-based eTA system to submit TA applications. Only units which don't have reliable Internet access are exempt from the requirement to use eTA. Coast Guard Tuition Assistance is requested here.

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