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Who Is Eligible for Army Tuition Assistance?

If you are serving in the Army, you have a whole host of options to help you pay for college. Everyone who joins can benefit from the Army College Program. The most basic program is the Montgomery GI Bill, which is available to all the armed forces. This provides tuition payment for veterans, and "veteran" means whoever has served for six months.

If you serve full-time, you may receive your benefits after the active duty part of your enlistment is completed. It is technically available to everyone, but full-time soldiers are often in situations that prevent them from visiting campus regularly. Reserve soldiers, on the other hand, receive their benefits as soon as they leave training, if they are not deployed. Countless people have served as citizen-soldiers just to go to college.

The Army has the Army College Fund and the MGIB kicker, which increases the value of your college payment. With the right programs, it is possible to earn a maximum of $85,000 dollars in education bonuses. For those who have already been to college, the Army offers the Loan Repayment Program, which repays a third of your tuition for every year of service. Those who receive the Loan Repayment Program will not qualify for the Army College Fund, but may still qualify for the GI bill.

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