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What Costs Does Army Tuition Assistance Cover?

A huge draw for some people when they decide to join the armed forces is the possibility that the military will help them pay for part of their higher education. Once a person is a soldier in the armed forces, he or she may wonder "What Costs Does Army Tuition Assistance Cover?" Although there are many programs to help members of the military pursue a college education, the phrase "tuition assistance" refers to one particular program.

Tuition Assistance helps current members of the military cover tuition costs rather than other education related expenses. It can be used to pay for any classes including online classes as long as they are offered by an institution that is accredited through the United States Department of Education and is approved by The classes can be part of a college degree program, a high school diploma course or even a master's program.

Although there are certain stipulations regarding which classes are covered, the answer to the query "What Costs Does Army Tuition Assistance Cover?" is fairly straightforward. It covers up to $250 per credit with a yearly maximum of $4,500. The military will cover all tuition costs up to these maximums as long as the courses are completed. In cases where the class is not completed, the serviceman or woman will be asked to repay their tuition fees.

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