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How Do I Apply for Army Tuition Assistance Benefits?

If you are in the Army and want to apply for Tuition Assistance you can do so through You must apply before the start of the course and prior to the late registration period of the school you're applying to. You have to request Tuition Assistance on a class-by-class basis. will notify you if your Tuition Assistance is approved. If the request is not approved, you will be advised through the website on what your next steps should be. Anytime you need to drop or withdraw from a class you must do so through If your military duties prevent you from being able to complete a course, it is your responsibility to withdraw properly so you will not be charged for the class.

It is possible to take classes from a school that does not participate in the electronic scheduling program. You still make the Tuition Assistance request through the website. Upon completing the Tuition Assistance request form, it will be sent to an Army Education Counselor to be reviewed and approved. If you are not applying electronically, be sure to allow for extra time for the review to be completed. If the Tuition Assistance is approved, you will receive notification through email, and this must print and deliver this form directly to the school. 

A new TA Statement of Understanding (SOU) must be completed each year, but ranks of SFC and above can sign for themselves and the commander. If you need any other information you can ask your commanding officer or just check out the Army website.

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