What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

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Army Tuition Assistance

Any soldiers who want to apply for Tuition Assistance need to keep in mind that they need command approval for courses on a class-by-class basis. All of the requests they need to make can be completed online via After completing six semester hours, soldiers must have a degree plan officially on record to make sure they are organized and have their goals in mind.

Through, soldiers can achieve and pursue post-secondary education goals. This is also a good place to get educational guidance from Army Education Counselors. Schools can even deliver their degree and course offerings and report progress via

Tuition Assistance can be used for degree programs, to complete certification programs and to finish High School diplomas. It is available to all active duty soldiers, including National Guard and Reserve who are activated. Soldiers will continue to receive up to $250 per semester hour for up to 130 semester hours for completion of a bachelor’s degree and up to 39 semester hours for completion of a master’s degree. Soldiers cannot use TA for a second equivalent or lower degree, i.e., no second bachelor's or master's degree. All courses must be part of an approved degree plan. TA cannot be used for first-professional degrees, e.g., PhD, MD or JD.

Using is beneficial for a number of reasons. You can be told if your Tuition Assistance for a particular course was approved or be provided with reasons it is not approved. This is helpful because you will also be provided with the next steps you need to take to ensure your future requests will be approved. This is also the place you must request to drop or withdraw from any of your classes.

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