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Air Force Tuition Assistance

Air Force Tuition Assistance is similar to that of many branches of the United States Military and covers 100% of the expenses for tuition and associated fees for college classes taken during off-duty hours. The Air Force requires specific career development education goals and each airman should discuss their education plans with their supervisor, although they no longer need to have their commander sign the TA statement. One of the best things about the Air Force is that they are the only branch of the Armed Services that offers a two-year degree from the Community College of the Air Force. The degree an airman would receive from the Air Force would be in the area specific to his or her job.

If the classes an airman decides to take do not apply to the degree they are seeking through the CCAF, they much have a degree plan and go through initial career counseling before being able to take any other classes for college credit. This is good because having multiple degrees, an individual can show the diversity of their qualifications to future employers.

Airmen can apply for the Tuition Assistance program through, which is the official portal website of the Air Force. The Air Force does not require a class-by-class approval prior to taking each individual class as some branches of the military do. This is likely because of the detailed plan that each airmen must have prior to taking college courses. This is a small price to pay to be able to be eligible for Tuition Assistance and is a great way to stay organized when it comes to taking classes and be able to stay on track when attending college.

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