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GI Bill License and Certification Program

The GI Bill covers not only educational costs but also will pay for certifications and licensing. In certain fields, certifications and licenses are very important for working and advancement. Certification and licensing is common for computer software and hardware specialists, mechanics, machinists, therapists and medical technicians. The cost of these certifications and tests can really add up so getting help to pay for them using your GI Bill benefits is a good idea.

As long as you are eligible to receive GI Bill benefits you can get reimbursed for certifications and licensing. The VA has a list of approved tests posted on their website. You can also obtain a list through your Regional VA Office.

To apply to receive reimbursement for testing and licensing you will need to first apply to receive educational benefits through the GI Bill. You only have to apply once to be eligible for all GI Bill benefits. You then need to apply for reimbursement for every separate test you have taken by sending a written request to the VA using the “Checklist for Requesting Licensing & Certification Test Reimbursement.” You will be asked to include:

  • You full name, address, phone number
  • Your Social Security number
  • Your VA File number
  • Name and date of the test taken
  • A copy of your test results and a copy of the resulting license or certification (if available)
  • Name and address of the testing institution
  • A signed and dated statement authorizing the institution to release your test results to the VA

You can receive up to $2,000 per test or certification using the GI Bill Licensing and Certification Program. The VA has established set costs for many tests and in these cases you will only be reimbursed according to their reimbursement schedule.

If you are interested in entering any technical field, it is worth your time to determine which certifications and types of licenses are in demand. Having these types of credentials will often determine if you get hired or not over another eligible candidate. These credentials can also increase your pay scale and they may be vital for working on certain types of projects. Even if you know the work inside and out from your military experience, getting the licensing or certification can never hurt — especially if the government will be footing the bill.

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